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The popularization of smart TV in China opens a window of opportunity for the highly expected OTT development. In the Report of 2017 Top Ten Digital Media Predictions, the DMS Service Department forecasts that the OTT video will generate over $50 billion in 2017 globally. Ooyala predicts that AVOD advertisements will be the biggest winner in Asia Pacific region, generating a total of $8.8 billion revenue by 2021, up by 225% comparing with the $2.7 billion in 2015. By the end of this year, China will surpass Japan, becoming the largest market in Asia Pacific Region, contributing $4.9 billion by 2021.

Under such a profitable OTT environment, advertisers stand with positive attitudes and soaring expectation. Take the opportunity for a straight talking with authorities from license holders, operators, content producers, hardware and software vendors, house appliance manufactures, value-added service providers and etc to achieve the win-win cooperation and open China OTT market. “Explore Ways of OTT Monetization and Value Aggregation, Promote Industrial Innovation for Win-win Outcome”, the OTT Innovation Summit is coming.

Topic Pool

☆ Large screen marketing : the next-stop for OTT TV
☆ New media strategy for license holders : counterattack from traditional broadcasters
☆ 4K OTT content
☆ In-depth cooperation between OTT content and telecoms : channel, pipeline, content resource
☆ Rational development of VR technology
☆ Updates in CDN : ADN, UDN
☆ King of the market - Smart Advertising on large screen
☆ OTT marketing running with the fuel from big data
☆ Win-win cooperation between brands and OTT supply chain

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